January 27, 2008


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#!/usr/local/bin/expect --

set source(0) "cast             cast       vlan3,164,501,511    disk:/cast.cfg"
set source(1) "university       university vlan216,316,416,501,511 disk:/university.cfg"
set source(2) "inspired-broadcast inspired-b vlan217,317,417,501,511 disk:/inspired-broadcast.cfg"
set source(3) "bdex             default    vlan218,318,418,501,511 disk:/bdex.cfg"
set source(4) "cast-shared-servers cast       vlan102,511          disk:/cast-shared-servers.cfg"
set source(5) "alcatel-ipt      alcatel-ip vlan511,601,616-626,632 disk:/alcatel-ipt.cfg"
set source(6) "netability       netability vlan219,319,419,501,511 disk:/netability.cfg"
set source(7) "etl              etl        vlan223,323,423,501,511 disk:/etl.cfg"
set source(8) "celeritas        celeritas  vlan220,320,420,501,511 disk:/celeritas.cfg"
set source(9) "brandsauce       brandsauce vlan221,321,421,501,511 disk:/brandsauce.cfg"
set source(10) "eon              eon        vlan222,322,422,501,511 disk:/eon.cfg"
set source(11) "heat3d           neat3d     vlan224,324,424,501,511 disk:/neat3d.cfg"
set source(12) "lightwave-technologies lightwave- vlan225,325,425,501,511 disk:/lightwave-technologies.cfg"
set source(13) "guest-networks   guest-netw vlan426,501,504-505,508,511 disk:/guest-networks.cfg"
set source(14) "event-networks   event-netw vlan501,506-507,511  disk:/event-networks.cfg"
set source(15) "wag              wag        vlan226,326,501,511  disk:/wag.cfg"

foreach {key value} [array get source] {
       set line [split $value]
       set context [lindex $line 0]
       puts $context
       #puts "$key $value"

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